Define Christian Rap

According to Christian Rap although some believe otherwise, it's impossible for Rap to Be Christian and still actually be Rap. Rap is a style of music, not a certain lyrical pattern. Rap is a sound, not a lyrical theme. Therefore, Christian Rap is made Possible.

Christian Rap can be used as a tool to express the message of Salvation through Jesus Christ to a person that would not regularly be able to be reached with traditional preaching methods.

It gives a voice to people that didn't have a voice before in the urban culture.

Negative Views of Christian Rap

Negative Definitions of Christian Rap according to Christian Rap is  double abomination. Rap music is horrible enough without it being Christian Rap.

Yet another oxymoron. Christian Rap really doesn't exist, it's like metal without the sex, drugs and parties. Christian Rap will never express some of the core ideals and dilemmas that almost all rap artists express. I'm sorry, but a rap or hip-hop song about Mountain Dew, which is a great drink, is not a rap song. it's like a Football Player dressed as a ballerina for the Super Bowl, it just isn't right.

What Christian Rap Means To Me

Well of course i'm a Christian Rapper for life so the negative views of Christian rap i don't care about. However, it does explain why Christian Rapper doesn't have its own BET, MTV, or MTV Jams or why Christian Rap is not in the major record stores like Best Buy, Target, Walmart and every other big corporation out their. It would be nice if i could go into Best Buy and find a large section of Christian Rappers CD. 

The Real Problem is that there are thousand of Christian Rappers out their but i notice they are not unified. For example if i'm a Christian Rapper on YouTube and you're a Christian Rapper on YouTube we should be collaborating musically and business wise. we as Christian rapper should be unified in bringing Christian Rap to forefront. The music industry will not open no doors for Christian rap so we as Christian Rappers must build up as entrepreneurs not just rappers. We Need a Christian Rap Master P or a Christian Rap Tyler Perry type person to bring Christian rap to a point of no return. I can guarantee one thing if my Christian rap music every make me financially stable and able I will in the name of Jesus if it be the power of God Almighty bring Christian rap to a place it can be where Christian rap can be and opportunity to express your passion for God Almighty and Jesus and still get paid for what you love to do.

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